Structured Messaging as a Service

Why it's needed

If AI, blockhain and bots are the cars, then Bmbix is the roads.

You have built smart contracts on a blockchain. You have replaced your legal department with ChatGPT. Inexplicably they didn't see it coming, but them's the breaks.

You couldn't possibly be any more hip.

Yet, bafflingly, for all this investment and determination to build your own Singularity, you still aren't seeing the step-change improvements you were dreaming of.

You're stuck.

How stuck? Because ChatGPT isn't on-chain.

And ChatGPT doesn't have any way communicate with EU-approved ParlezVousGPT that they use in Luxembourg, which is where group HQ is based. I know. Something to do with tax.

And your ChatGPT invoices are emailed as a PDF to someone in accounting who left the company six months ago.

And the sales orders coming through from your smart contracts aren't getting through to your AI production scheduling bot which itself was a two-year seven-figures project.

That's why you need Bmbix

Bmbix is the universal glue that allows the new shiny things to interoperate.

Say goodbye to the API hell of fragile, custom-coded, tightly-bound integrations to only the things that actually have public APIs in the first place, and that only work when they're up and don't work when they're down.

Say goodbye to having to pay to fish data out of a document that was meant for humans, but that actually started out as beautiful, clean, error-free structured data.

Say goodbye to having to come up with a different integration strategy for everything you need to interoperate with.

Say goodbye to humans playing email roulette with each new attachment they open, or spear-fishing link they click to a drive-by ransomware download site.

Say goodbye to that custom portal that your customers hate, that you paid to have built and that you still pay to maintain.

To protect you from cyber risks and to enable automation with your business partners and customers, we build, maintain and operate a secure global structured message network.

Using our rails, organizations can efficiently and safely transact with consumers or business partners of any size, in any sector, in any location.

Bmbix can be used for tasks as diverse as simple supply chain invoicing to provisioning complex market infrastructures.

We have no-code integrations for many common business platforms to get you started right away, and with our generous free-tier allowances it might even be completely free.

Right now access to Bmbix is by invitation. If you would like to be invited, reach out to us using the details on our contact page.

Getting started is easy

If you are an accountant or book-keeper, you only need step 1.

Once you have a Bmbix id just ask your clients to add you to their organization.

Got a question?

We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

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What people are saying

This could revolutionize the way we work

Finally making invoicing as easy as it should be in the 21st century

I think this is the missing bit of technology to truly transform the industry

Pricing Illustrations

Pricing is based on pay-per-use, with a monthly free tier.

We don't have packages or subscriptions, but we have put together some examples so you can see what you can get for a given spend.

Small £ 0 / month
No credit card required
1,000 messages sent
100 messages received
20,000 messages stored
Mid £ 10 / month
2,000 messages sent
620 messages received
130,000 messages stored
4 addresses
Organization profile listing
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Large £ 20 / month
10,000 messages sent
1,500 messages received
212,500 messages stored
API Integrations
Unlmited users

Learn more about pricing



Bmbix aims to meet or exceed best-in-class practices for data protection.



Bmbix gives you control over your message flows.



Bmbix is already integrated to popular online accounting packages.



Every component and plugin is well documented with live examples.

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We like to write about what we are doing and developments in business transaction management technolgoy.

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