Security & Efficiency

Interlocking technologies. Defence in depth.

Security First

Each part of the Bmbix ecosystem is mutually reinforcing and works to support the security and efficiency of your business.



Encryption is the foundation of Bmbix services. Strong public/private key cryptography protects your commercial messages from unauthorized eyes.



Any person and any organization can join Bmbix. Most users will find it helpful to make strong assertions about their identity. The Bmbix Verification framework allows authorized verification services to issue X.509 certificates to users who would like to prove who they are.


Ingress Filtering

Get fine-grained control over who and what can be sent to your business processes.



To protect you from malicious or invalid messages, messages can be put through multiple levels of validation, ensuring your systems receive only vetted and triaged input.



Bmbix/Tokenize lets you send messages to the Bmbix network without knowing the address of the recipient. You receive a token which the recipient can use to claim the message and download it.



Use the Bmbix directory to search for business partners with whom you can trade securely and efficiently. Automatically negotiate message types which each party understands.



Business transactions are end-to-end encrypted using PKI and TLS standard technologies. When your data is in motion or at rest, it is secure at all times. Unlike email, your messages are not sent in the clear and they do not pass through multiple intermediaries.



Bmbix serves as your system of record, proving when messages were sent and when delivered. In addition to preventing disputes, we also help you meet your legal obligations for the retention of business records.


Dispute Resolution

Bmbix presents each party with a permanent shared record of their transaction upon which each may comment. Very useful to resolve queries and disputes.


No-code Integration

For extracting and inserting documents to common business packages, Bmbix has ready built integrations to provide a "no-code" solution for more than one million businesses in the UK.


Process Automation

Bmbix uses AI technology to automate common business transaction tasks. The end goal is to allow business processes to interact directly with each other, without human intervention, messaging each other via the Bmbix network.



Powerful tools are available to you to control how much security you wish to have around your transactions. The Bmbix/Teams framework lets you manage the types of message you receive and also from whom. You can also add new team members, or external professionals such as accountants and bookkeepers and control their permitted actions.